Benefits of Ghee on Your Health

Benefits of Ghee on Your Health

Ghee has been a staple and vital in every Indian household. It is not only
used in cooking but also plays a significant role in Ayurvedic medicine.  

In most Indian households, ghee is consumed every day! Whether it is
lathering it onto our chapatis or having a side of it with rice, Indians love
ghee and it shows. Ghee has dynamic properties that go far beyond its taste
factors :
1. Keeps You Warm from Within
Ghee is a superfood that warms your body from within. According to t
Ayurveda, Ghee is known to keep your body naturally at a warmer
temperature. This is why it is so intensely adored in winter sweet dishes
like halwa, pinni, and even Gond ka laddoo. 
2. Good Source of Energy 
Ghee is one of the best sources of energy because it carries many
antimicrobial and anti-fungal substances that help you in boosting your

It is a very good source of fat and your body needs a healthy balance of all
types of nutrients. The three most important macronutrients that your body
essentially needs are fats, carbs, and proteins for your body’s holistic

growth. Thus, removing fat from your diet will do more harm to your body
than good.   
3. Boosts Your Heart Health
Ghee is the best cure when it comes to having a healthier heart while not
having to skip out on the daily oil intake because ghee compared to refined
oil is a much healthier option.

Ghee is a safe option to be consumed every day in moderate proportions
and is also a clever way to incorporate saturated fats into your diet. Ghee
can also help you in fighting bad cholesterol, and encouraging the
production of good cholesterol. 
4. Nourishes Your Skin
Ghee has so many skin, hair, and beauty health benefits that we’ll have to
start a separate blog for it! Ghee has always been the number one option in
natural beauty rituals.

It is the perfect pick that will give you soft, rich, and supple skin which
can be used by almost any skin type. Ghee also helps in keeping your skin
cells hydrated and glowing!

So, all in all, Ghee is known to help positively impact the process of
digestion in your body by stimulating your stomach acids. It can also
majorly improve your body, heart, and bladder functioning.

Ghee can also be used externally for various reasons like treating skin
burns and sunburns, giving you shiny hair, and youthful skin, reduce acne,
psoriasis, and eczema, and the list goes on.
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